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Vitality LifeElixir™ sublingual delivery CBD ISOlate oil tinctures fortified with BioPrime™ nano-particle delivery technology are up to 100X more BioAvailable than competing products using standard CBD molecules. This is due to the BioPrime™ nano-particulized CBD molecule’s ability to bypass both the digestive and denaturation processes (in which up to 90% of ingested CBD is destroyed) by rapidly absorbing directly into the bloodstream via blood vessels under the tongue.

Vitality LifeElixir™ CBD ISOlate sublingual tinctures come formulated in your choice of either organic non GMO MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride) or, organic non GMO Hemp Oil base for those looking for a more complete plant profile CBD supplement.

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22 reviews for Pure CBD Isolate Tincture

  1. Sandstorme (verified owner)

    Nothing I have tried or sold in my store even compares to Vitality CBD, in fact it’s all my customers ask for.

  2. DHarrison (verified owner)

    This is the first product I tried from Vitality to treat my insomnia, I hadn’t slept more than an hour or two a night for at least the past three and a half years before trying this product. I eventually switched over to the enhanced complete spectrum hemp oil version and have been sleeping 5 hours a night no problem ever since. Great company to deal with, always very helpful and informative. I highly recommend Vitality CBD to anyone looking for a quality product they can trust.

  3. Carrie Stoppler

    Awesome products and fast shipping!! I love the 500mg isolate!!

  4. CannaRemediesYGK

    My pooch is approaching 10 years old… I started seeing her slow down, have some trouble with stairs and getting up after lazing around for awhile. After talking to my vet, I ordered the 500mg isolate for her (unflavoured in hemp oil). I started her with 6 drops in the am and another 6 drops in the pm and results have been good so far! She’s definitely less stiff when she gets up from bed and she’s taking the stairs better! This makes me happy! Might have to try dosing the kitties too! Thanks Vitality!!

  5. dmaharajhunter (verified owner)

    Perfect strength for someone who doesn’t utilize very often. Very effective and immediate impact upon ingesting.

  6. Simon Robert Champagne (verified owner)

    I heard many good things about CBD and since my wife suffers from severe anxiety and A.D.D. we decided to give it a try. So far the effect of CBD on her are very positive. It calms her right down after a few minutes with no apparent other side effects. She’s also able to focus more and seems more peaceful. Also, great buying experience from Vitalityhealth, good communication and fast shipping. Highly recommended.

  7. BarbMoore (verified owner)

    I use this product twice daily. It has become a necessity of life for me. I suffer from Osteoarthritis in my knees and hips. It has made a world of difference in my life for my pain level. I ran out at one point and didn’t realize how much it really did until I didn’t use it for a couple days. Well worth the money for sure. And the quality of the product is very high.

  8. Carlos Guarany (verified owner)

    Excellent CBD oil. I like both Mct and Hemp. Fast delivery to my door.

  9. Grant Speer (verified owner)

    Good product at 500mg strength, would like to try greater than 500mg strength to compare & review next.

  10. Anja Djogovic (verified owner)

    It was hard to tell if it worked for me. I got the 500mg strength so maybe I just need to try a stronger dose. But for now, it didn’t really help much with my anxiety and sleep.

  11. Gregory VanDenBerg (verified owner)

    Really helped to calm the nerves and quiet the brain.

  12. Eleanor Minge (verified owner)

    I find this product great for helping to control pain associated with Osteoarthritis. Highly recommend.

  13. Eric Tozzi (verified owner)

    best product on the market. more focused , and less anxiety is what you will get from this CBD

  14. Jason Kempston (verified owner)

    I have tried many different companies for CBD oil and vitality CBD has proven to be the best. It’s effectiveness is outstanding and an essential part of my health regimen

  15. Samantha Schumyn (verified owner)

    I have spent a small fortune testing out different CBD products. I have a sensitivity to THC and this isolate is just what I needed. Love, love, love!

  16. Monique Notaras (verified owner)

    I was on birth control for 15 years because it was the only thing that prevented the unbearable pain with POCS. I weaned myself off it in exchange for a daily drop of the 750mg and I’ve never been more relieved. It also helps immensely with anxiety. I haven’t had a full blown panic attack since I started 6 months ago.

  17. KaylaMarie (verified owner)

    This stuff is great. My mom and I both take it, its only been a couple weeks and I can feel my anxiety/depression getting better and she can feel her joint pain from arthritis getting better as well. I’ll be trying the Full Spectrum next time I order to see which we like better

  18. daniela rotaru (verified owner)

    Pure CBD Isolate Tincture helped me get over a very bad health crisis. It helps my Hashimoto’s, MCAS, and anxiety. I like that it is organic, and there is a lot of useful information about the products on the website. Also, very fast shipping. I am ordering my 3rd bottle, very happy, thank you for this product!

  19. Amanda Bourque (verified owner)

    Worked great

  20. Don Richter (verified owner)

    Hearing about all of the different CBD oils out there and how many were not really the quality they said they were. I had heard about Vitality and everything I had heard was positive. We received our first order of CBD oil, and for the first three days I didn’t notice anything. I was doing droppers full of the oil. I contacted my friend who had told me about how great the product was and told her it didn’t work. She told me to change the way I took it, from doing an almost full dropper, to micro dosing 3-5 drops every approx 4 hours. The difference was remarkable. I went from taking 9-12 Extra Strength Tylenol a day, to taking no Tylenol at all. As someone who has advanced arthritis due to open heart surgery in 2010, I was amazed that the reduction in my pain was so great. I find micro dosing with the 500 works best for me.

  21. Chrissy Nicholson (verified owner)

    I was recommended the Pure CBD Isolate from a friend to help with anxiety and the sunday scaries. I have felt a great result so far, while it doesn’t completely take away the thoughts, it helps relaxes me at night and leads to a more restful sleep.

  22. Ereader (verified owner)

    My senior dane Pocket has had a knee injury. We were giving her vet meds and were resigned to the fact that our spunky girl was gone. Within a week of trying this product, she was moving better. A year later and she is more snuggly and happy than before. She is now 9 years old and runs around like a puppy.

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Vitality Health CBD Life Elixir

Vitality LifeElixir™ sublingual delivery CBD ISOlate tinctures fortified with BioPrime™ nano-particle delivery technology are up to 100X more BioAvailable than competing products using standard CBD molecules. This is due to the BioPrime™ nano-particulized CBD molecule’s ability to bypass both the digestive and denaturation processes (in which up to 90% of ingested CBD is destroyed) by rapidly absorbing directly into the bloodstream via blood vessels under the tongue.

Vitality LifeElixir™ CBD ISOlate sublingual tinctures come formulated in your choice of either organic non GMO MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride) or, organic non GMO Hemp Oil base for those looking for a more complete plant profile CBD supplement. 

Life Elixirs™ are formulated from 100% organic base ingredients and contain no Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) the psychoactive ingredient found in Cannabis.

Industrial Hemp has been used by people from all over the world for thousands of years now. In fact, the history of the hemp plant dates as far back as 12,000 B.C. It is a well known fact that the first written languages were transcribed on hemp paper, many of the first woven articles of clothing were made entirely of hemp fiber and many natural health products were produced from extractions of hemp flowers. Scientific and clinical research suggests industrial hemp derived CBD could be a potential treatment for many conditions includingPTSD, chronic pain, antibiotic-resistant infections, arthritis, diabetes, alcoholism, MS, schizophrenia, depression, epilepsy, and other neurological disorders.

CBD Effects and Side Effects

Everyone is talking about the amazing things that CBD can do and how well CBD works, but what’s really going on in your body and what are the potential side effects of CBD? When taken correctly, CBD offers relief from a great many ailments but is there such a thing as too much CBD in our systems? To find the answers to these questions, it would be beneficial to take a look at what actual effects CBD has on the body.

CBD is the first cannabinoid that was identified by scientists back in 1940, but it is actually one of over 100 cannabinoids that are found in the cannabis plant. CBD is a member of the phytocannbinoid family, meaning it is produced and stored in plants. Cannabis is not the only plant that produces cannabinoids. The Cacao plant produces the cannabinoid anandamide, which is a neurotransmitter that helps regulate pain, mood, memory, and appetite. Chocolate can also give people the same euphoric feeling that comes from strenuous exercise. It is important to understand that CBD and other cannabinoids can affect chemical processes in the brain because it helps us make sense of the Endocannabinoid System, which is the largest system of nerve receptors in our body. 

The Endocannabinoid System can be found in all animals including Humans. This system is comprised of two Endocannabinoids, anandamide and 2-arachidonoyglycerol (2-AG) that work as neurotransmitters for the two sets of receptors in the system, CB1 and CB2. “The CB1 receptor is expressed pre-synaptically at both glutaminergic and GABAergic interneurons and, in effect, acts as a neuromodulator to inhibit release of glutamate and GABA. Repeated administration of receptor agonists may result in receptor internalization and/ or a reduction in receptor protein signalling. The inverse agonist MK-9470 makes it possible to produce in vivo images of the distribution of CB1 receptors in the human brain with positron emission tomography.”1 The CB2 receptor “Initial investigation of CB2 receptor expression patterns focused on the presence of CB2 receptors in the peripheral tissues of the immune system and found CB2 receptor mRNA is found throughout tissues of the spleen, tonsils, and thymus gland. Northern blot analysis further indicates the expression of the CNR2 gene in immune tissues, where they are primarily responsible for mediating cytokine release. These receptors were primarily localized on immune cells such as monocytes, macrophages, B-cells, and T-cells.”2 As you can see, the Endocannabinoid System controls a great many physiological processes in our body. By binding to the receptors and modulating neurotransmitter release and absorption, Cannabinoids like Anandamide, 2AG, CBD, and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are able to return the receptors and the body as a whole, to a state of homeostasis. It is good to remember that 2AG and CBD’s effects are non-psychoactive because it means that we can use CBD to gain the benefits we were looking for, without the hallucinogenic effects of THC and Anandamide. Because of the location of the CB1 and CB2 receptors throughout the body, CBD has shown positive results in chronic and acute pain management, mood stabilization and stress relief, improved sleep, reduction of joint pain and inflammation, and reduced skin irritation and itching but this just scratches the surface.

With all of the effects CBD has on our system, many people have moved to using it to treat several ailments including Anxiety, Depression, Cancer treatment related symptoms, Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, high blood pressure, Diabetes, and many more. As research continues, it is thought that the list of ailments and conditions will grow and CBD’s effects will be better understood. CBD also counteracts the effects of THC, which is good because there is a great number of people who are using THC for pain management, as well. Having a ratio of CBD to THC that is higher on the CBD side, almost eliminates the psychoactive effects, allowing a larger cross section of sufferers to add a minimal level of THC to help alleviate pain and gain THC’s Cancer fighting abilities. CBD effects all animals in the same way as humans and there are an increasing number of people using CBD to improve the health and quality of life for their pets. The effects of CBD on pets are the same as they are for humans, so it is a great way to stimulate appetite, reduce aggressive behaviour, reduce inflammation of joints, reduce anxiety, fight cancer, and reduce nausea. All of these ailments in pets are currently being fought with pharmaceuticals and that has the same effects on their bodies as it does humans. These drugs can also be very costly and with the very small dose size needed for most pets, this also helps to ensure that pets get the care and attention that they need. It is very easy to stop paying for drugs for your pet because it gets too costly but CBD’s effect and inexpensive cost ensure that our pets get needed relieve as well. 

This all sounds good and in most cases it is, but like every medication that we put in our bodies, there are potential side effects. Reported CBD side effects are: 

-Change in mood

-Diarrhea (caused by a reaction to MCT carrier oil in some people)




-Dry Mouth

-Changes in appetite

-Increased Heart Rate 

This is a very short list however, and most people who report the side effects are willing to endure them in order to get the benefits of CBD. They are all non-life threatening and other than increased heart rate, have very minimal effect on your body, unlike prescription drugs, that have a long list of potentially life threatening side effects. One of the other facts to note is that no one has overdosed from the over-administration of CBD. There are people taking 10mg a day and finding relieve and there are people taking a few hundred mg’s a day. Your system simply flushes any excess away and keeps what it needs to complete the task. There are reports that taking too much CBD can reduce it’s effectiveness however, so it is better to start at the smallest suggested dose and increase until you feel the relieve you were looking for. If at any point during your scaled increase, you feel like the effects of the CBD are diminishing, try reducing the dose to bring you back to where you need to be.